Ancient New Story

For thousands of years God has taken the everyday stories of ordinary people and infused their lives with His presence to tell His bigger eternal story of redemption. These ancient stories breathe life into our stories and show us what it looks like to live life with God. Our stories matter because they are chapters in God’s story.

The people in the Bible didn’t know that they were going to have their stories written down. They just lived out their lives with questions and fear and faith and mystery, and God stepped into their lives and revealed Himself in ways that helped them know what it meant to live in His presence. Some of them learned what it meant to give God the leading role in their stories. I want to live that way.

This is a website about those old stories and how they make our stories new.  

The Bible is a really old book but I am endlessly drawn to it. I absolutely LOVE the story in there and  continue to discover how this old manuscript contains the template for the storyboard of my life.

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